Identical twins and self taught artists,  Daniel and David Frank have been exploring the  landscapes of their visual language together for as long as they can remember. 

"We are struck by the energy of things… the pulse in the seed that signals germination, the whisper of spirit that guides leaves toward sunlight, the dynamic forces that twist wind into tornados, blast volcanic mountain tops skyward, devour stars and birth galaxies.

It is from here that we begin to paint. It is by this energy that painting flows through us toward the creation of a charged, symbo
lic iconography.
Visual Medicine.
We honor the flash that split the zygote in our mother’s womb. One spirit born in two bodies. Our work is an offering of our hearts and an aspiration towards ever increasing strength, grace, joy and faith, a celebration of divine magic and infinite love and an expression of gratitude to the spirit that animates this cosmic dance."