In Good Company

In Good Company

LOCZIworks is in good company with fellow artisans and makers for LOCZIdesign's 2017 Holiday Bazaar! Join us December 7th at 175 De Haro St. San Francisco CA 94103 to shop jewelry, art, home goods and more while toasting the season with wine tastings from local San Francisco winery, Oro En Paz.

The Tipping Point Community

Super-inspired by this fantastic non-profit organization I just discovered here in San Francisco. The Tipping Point Community was inspired by the book of the same title by Malcolm Gladwell.

It's founder, Daniel Lurie founded the organization with a small team of four on his board plus 100 donors in 2005. Since then it has raised over $150 million to "educate, employ, house and support those in need in the Bay Area.

They do this by directing their dollars to "find, fund and partner" other organizations already doing the work, along with providing access to other programs and services that go above and beyond w to provide successful avenues to self-sufficiency. They distill the complexities of poverty into four distinct buckets: Education, employment, early childhood and housing. By investing in a diverse portfolio of highly vetted organizations already working in these issues they minimize risk to investors and provide more direct and immediate impact to people in need.

According to their website, last year alone they helped put 23,000 people on the path out of poverty. Plus, their board covers 100% of the organizations operating costs so fundraising and donations can go directly towards the needs at hand. 

Three cheers for organizations like this who are committed to making a difference! Visit their website for more info and donate what you can. 




LOCZIdesign: Studio + Events

LOCZIdesign: Studio + Events

LOCZIdesign believes in creating exceptional experiences. The full-service, San Francisco / Bay Area interior design firm committed to creating unique spaces also offers a home to galvanizing soirees in their unique event space located in the heart of the design district. 


LOCZIworks is proud to share some of our favorite life hacks for inspiration, balance and personal growth. Below are a few key categories with links. Happy clicking!



Meditation, Yoga, Health, Wellness



Focus, Reflect & Acknowledge


 Events at LOCZIdesign

LZF+15 Years of Rithma

LZF+15 Years of Rithma

Time flies when you're having fun! Rithma has been making a name for himself in the underground music scene for 15 years and the fine folks at LZF lamps decided to celebrate in style. You can download a whole bunch of unreleased tracks by clicking HERE (for a limited time).  We love collab's like this!! Thanks LZF & Rithma. Please keep doing the dang thing!

Practicing the Power of Now (with Eckhart Tolle)

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our minds and take ourselves directly out of the only place we truly have POWER: The Present. In this recording Eckhart Tolle reads from his book, The Power of Now. He offers some stunningly profound and yet simple practices for dissolving our fears and putting us squarely back in the moment. This present moment is the place where we can access the broader sense of guidance and awareness always there for us. This recording is about 3 hrs long and well worth every second. Visit his website . Enjoy:)